Shabbat Morning services: 10:00 am
followed by a delicious Kiddush and Cholent
Once a month (TBA)

Our services are open to anyone of the Jewish faith, regardless of background and affiliation. Every Jew is automatically a member and there is never a need to pay any dues.

Services are held in the traditional manner, much like they were held for thousands of years. Yet, we took many steps to let even the beginners appreciate and feel part of the service.

Although the services are led in Hebrew, instructions and commentary are given in English. During the Torah reading, the Rabbi makes sure to also give a short synopsis of the reading in English. In addition, all prayers books used are Hebrew/English version, and congregants are encouraged to pray in the language they understand best.

Shabbat morning services are followed by a Kiddush lunch, which is an excellent opportunity for community members to get to know each other and to keep themselves abreast of happenings in the community.




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